The Empire Unmasked

The Empire Unmasked is the sequel to Ryan Dawson's viral exposé on government corruption, foreign involvement in the 9/11 terrorist attacks, and more: War by Deception.

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The Empire Unmasked – War by Deception Continued

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“I’ve made films before, War by Deception & Decades of Deception, which dealt with covert operations and war, 911 and the second Iraq War in particular. We fought a lot of censorship with War by Deception. Despite that, over the years conservatively over half a million people viewed that film.”

“Empire Unmasked digs much deeper into the systematic lies by government including even more ground breaking info on 911. And like War by Deception this is specific not vague information. It’s taken me years to compile and confirm.”

“To reach the proper level of promotion I believe we need to spark an effective change, we need to raise a bit of money. We’ve all seen how even the most horrible films about 911 can reach the masses with the right promotion. Let’s face it, some 911 films or documentaries trying to tackle conspiracies are out right embarrassing. We have to get ahead of the curve and reverse the damage done by these charlatans and the 911 kook movement. Conspiracy shouldn’t be a taboo word that is associated with paranoia or lunatics.”

“Producing this film, and again it is not just about 911, has been very time consuming and difficult. The good news is that the research and script are complete. The audio and visual will still require some more time, but assuming we get the funding, it is set to be concluded before September 11th of this year. I will need all of you to be ready to help with the distribution once it is publicly released.”

“Films are not free. Such a film by its nature is not entertainment. This is vital information that we want everyone to see. However, the time it takes to research and develop, edit etc has real costs that cannot be ignored. We’re doing this as a team. It’s a clear upgrade in production and even content from WBD. We also plan to burn DVDs in mass if the funds are raised.”

“With pirating the way it is, the reality is to finance this project people will have to prepay or donate to get the first screening of the film. We’re spicing this up though with a variety of perks! This includes having your name in the credits. Be on the right side of History. I’m fully confident that this movie is going to be huge. We’re on the last mile. Please make it happen. Truth cost far less than lies. This is how we can beat them! As always Anti-Neocons thanks you for your continued support. Unmask the empire and break the war drum.”

-Ryan Dawson, creator

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